Business Rates

Business rates are a substantial burden on a business – stifling investment and impacting profitability – but with the appropriate management the challenges of reducing liabilities can be met and the burden significantly reduced.

We have long been at the forefront of understanding and mitigating ratepayer liabilities. Established almost 100 years ago we are one of the UK’s leading firms of business rate advisers. We now have a team, of over 100 business rates experts. Operating nationally with two core administrative hubs in Cheltenham and Southampton we also have representation in London, Manchester, Sunderland, Bristol, Glasgow. Being one of the largest UK business rates teams we are well placed to deal with business rates matters across the largest and most complex portfolios.

Our commitment to going the extra mile in exploring every opportunity to reduce your costs is key to our clients enduring success and we would encourage you to contact us to explore the ways in which we can help you manage your rates and reduce the drain on your business.

Our dominance in the retail and food sectors is well known, but we also have considerable expertise in the leisure and hospitality, health, specialist distribution and office sectors.

Our team offers a comprehensive business rates advisory service including

  • Strategic reviews of your Company’s business rates liabilities, throughout the UK,
  • Contesting the facts and/or assessments adopted by the Valuation Office Agency in England and Wales, and Scottish Assessors
  • Navigation through the Check Challenge Appeal process (CCA) for UK and overseas clients in England,
  • Valuation Appeals in Scotland and Wales, and additional services in Northern Ireland
  • Identification of all opportunities to reduce rates bills through Challenges, Appeals, Reliefs and Exemptions
  • Providing a comprehensive Rate Payment Management service offer

We have recruited a significant number of experts from Billing Authorities and the VOA as well as private practice, to ensure we have the right people available to meet your requirements and deliver the best possible advisory service. As many of our clients will testify, it is of vital importance to have an experienced and market leading knowledge base.

Many of our client relationships have lasted many years and we continue to grow our team and our service, backed by a unique business rates information management system (GLHIMS) that forms the foundation for our service. A powerful reporting tool, GLHIMS offers our clients secure, live access to view all records relevant to their portfolio and access key documents remotely.

We offer a “best in class” Business Rates service and please do get in touch if you would like to find out how we could add value for you.

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For more information please contact:

Richard Williamson
012 4230 3149
07799 341434
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Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our team – we always go the extra mile to deliver the required results and to maximise savings for our clients.
Richard Williamson
Business Rates Director – National Head of Rating
GL Hearn