Strategic Land Planning

The GL Hearn strategic land planning team provides advice to landowners, housebuilders, developers, registered providers, investors, land promoters and public sector organisations.

We are engaged in strategic land promotions for sites across the UK relating to a full spectrum of land uses including residential, commercial, and mixed uses.   Our experience relates to a variety of sites including new settlements providing thousands of homes and mixed uses as Garden Communities, urban extensions typically for hundreds of homes, and smaller sites for a mix of land uses.

We identify strategies to maximise the potential allocation of sites for development through the Plan making process in the short, medium and longer term.  We also provide clear advice on the appropriate steps and actions to be taken at each stage in the Plan making process.  

Services we provide include:  

  • preparation of strategic land strategies;
  • preparation of robust submissions towards Call for Sites;
  • submitting written representations towards Local Plan consultations;
  • interrogating and providing either support or objections to Local Plan evidence base documents;
  • engaging in the Neighbourhood Plan making process;
  • preparing and presenting development visions alongside master plans and site specific technical evidence base submissions;
  • engaging with communities and stakeholders;
  • preparing Local Plan hearing statements and statements of common ground; and
  • providing evidence at Local Plan examination in public hearing sessions.

Our strategic land promotion work is frequently applied in a manner that allows sites to be quickly and efficiently progressed as planning applications, at the appropriate time, and wherever possible working with the relevant Local Planning Authority.  

We would be very pleased to discuss with you any sites and strategic land planning issues that you may be considering. 


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