Strategic Communication and Consultation

We are a Strategic Communication and Consultation team that offers a market-leading approach to helping you secure local authority support across the UK - and across the political spectrum - for planning projects.

In our rapidly evolving political climate, the need for effective negotiation goes much further than liaising with planning officers. Politicians and community representatives play an increasingly important and influential role in decision making. It is therefore critical to have a good understanding of the local landscape, such as current community issues that may impact development projects, in order to approach key decision-makers successfully.

While being sensitive to the political backdrop, we keep your objectives at the forefront of our approach and provide you with robust solutions that include budget-conscious engagement programmes and high intensity, high profile local campaigns.

We recognised early on the increasingly political nature of planning and were one of the first commercial property consultancies in the UK to establish a specialist Planning Communications and Consultation team. Since then, we have worked with some of the biggest development companies, retailers and infrastructure providers in the UK, helping them to put forward intelligent, bespoke and effective campaigns in support of their planning projects.

We are integrated within the firm’s established Planning discipline, but also offer our expertise as a standalone service.

A full service communications programme or campaign could typically include a strategic mix of the following:

  • Political intelligence
  • Political engagement
  • Stakeholder and community engagement
  • Public consultation
  • Community campaigning
  • Media management
  • Construction communications

If you are looking to secure support for your planning project, get in touch to discuss how you can utilise our skills for the best chance of a successful outcome.


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