Leveling-Up Fund for Cleethorpes Masterplan, North East Lincolnshire Council

Client: North East Lincolnshire Council
Location: Cleethorpes

GL Hearn's Economic Planning team supported North East Lincolnshire Council in securing more than £18 million from the Government's £2.1 billion Levelling-Up Fund in Round 2. This allows the Council to invest in the GL Hearn’s transformative masterplan for Cleethorpes town and promenade, bringing significant economic benefits to the local area.

The team produced a robust economic case and delivered a well-evidenced ‘Theory of Change’ to demonstrate that the three main principle interventions, namely the Market Place, Sea Road building and Pier Gardens will create various regeneration benefits economically, socially and environmentally.


Following on from the masterplan delivery, the study started with a major exercise in gathering a wide range of socio-economic and demographic indicators. These captured the key challenges in Cleethorpes. From this, a comprehensive ‘Theory of Change’ flowchart was conceived. This informed the ‘strategic fit’ justification, setting out a flowchart identifying clear linkages between the proposed interventions and the outcomes sought by the Council.

The Economic Case draws on up-to-date evidence of both commercial and residential properties that provide a detailed analysis of how the interventions will address the local issues. To do this, GL Hearn has developed a tailored economic impact model that quantified the benefits of:

  • land value uplift
  • amenity improvement
  • new employment opportunities
  • additional visitors and tourism industry

Despite the uncertainties of the submission deadline, the project team worked closely with the Council to demonstrate that the overall investment expressed in the masterplan represents a good value for money.

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I would like to sincerely thank you for all the hard work on the Cleethorpes Masterplan and the LUF application – this is a fantastic achievement. We are thrilled and extremely excited to now move onto the delivery phase and can’t wait to see the positive impacts these projects will bring to Cleethorpes.

Strategic Lead for Tourism, North East Lincolnshire Council
North East Lincolnshire Council